Lawn Care and Maintenance helps your yard look beautiful and stay healthy. We understand a lawn isn’t just grass – it’s an investment. An investment of not only time and money, but also of dreams and memories. Of course you want your yard to look perfect. Harris Greenscape can help you install a new lawn or keep your existing lawn looking great.


Lawn Maintenance

We perform mowing services on a weekly basis, beginning in late April and continuing through late October or early November (weather permitted). Our lawn crews use the best equipment to care for our customers’ properties regardless of size. From small residential lawns to large commercial properties, we do it all! Our crews are trained in safety, proper procedures, and quality. When you use Harris Greenscape to take care of your home, we guarantee that your lawn is in good hands.


New Lawn Installation

A new lawn installation and doing it the correct way will ensure the best possible results and years of enjoyment. All too often contractors cut corners; costing the homeowner more money and aggravation in fixing problems and doing things a second or third time. Harris Landscape will customize a new lawn installation or renovation project to meet your needs, expectations, budget and desired results.



Let Harris Greenscape do the dirty work and save you from this tedious and back-breaking chore. We can help maintain the landscape beds on your property in early spring, mid-summer, or late fall. Mulching helps control soil erosion, regulates temperature and retains moisture, creating the ideal environment for your plantings, as well as adding curb appeal to your property. We have different levels of service for a variety of landscapes for both homeowners and property managers.


Leaf removal

Finding the time to clean up your leaves can be very difficult, if not impossible. We know you are busy with work, family, and other household chores, that leaves can kind of take a back seat until they are over whelming. There is no need to worry, Harris Greenscape will come out to remove your leaves while you relax and watch football.

Your HOME or BUSINESS deserves the Best Care Possible.